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What is Narayan Nagbali ?

Narayan Nagbali is a three-day Hindu ritual performed only at Trimbakeshwar in the Nashik District,Maharashtra, India.The Narayan bali ritual is performed by families to liberate souls of family members who met an untimely death and the Nag bali to absolve the sin of killing a king cobra respectively.

Narayanbali is done to get free oneself from curses like Pitru Shaap and Nagbali is done to free oneself from the wrongdoing of killing a snake, specially Cobra which is worshiped in Hindu Dharma.


Narayan Bali follows a similar formal procedure as the Hindu funeral. An artificial body mostly made of wheat flour is used. Mantras are used to call upon such souls and have them possess this body and the funeral frees them from this world. In Nagbali ritual, the funeral is performed on the body of a snake made with wheat dough.


Narayanbali: It is a three-day rite on a particular day and time (mahurt). On the first day, the devotees should take a holy bath in Kushavarta and resolve to give daan (give things in charity). After offering prayers at the Trimbakeshwar temple, they go to the dharmashala at the confluence of rivers Godavari and Ahilya for performing Narayan Nagbali.

First of all, the devotees pray for getting absolved of any curse inflicted by someone whom they or their forefathers in this or earlier births might have cheated or deprived in some way. They also pray for peace of their forefathers’ departed souls and for continuity of their family through good progeny. After Kalash Sthapana, the Panchdevata, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Yama are worshipped. Thereafter Parnashar ritual takes place wherein such dissatisfied souls are evoked and their last rites are performed respectfully to free them from the occult existence after their deaths. Since the names of the person/s who are haunting the devotee are not known, they are named Narayan. The devotees mourn Narayan’s ‘death’ for a day (sutak) and bathe in Kushavarta.

On the second day, the ashes of Narayan - symbolically consigned to flames - are immersed and after a bath, the one-day mourning gets over. Then the devotee offers prayers at the Trimbakeshwar temple and goes again to the dharmashala near river confluence. Here Narayan’s shraddha ceremony takes place to satisfy his dissatisfied soul. The devotee resolves to perform Narayan Nagbali again after the fulfilment of his wishes, though it is not mandatory. After seeking blessings of Brahmans, this ritual ends here.

Nagbali: To get absolved of sin of serpent killed by them or their ancestors, intentionally or unintentionally in this or previous births, Nagbali ritual is performed to cleanse body and mind through repentance. This snake is also given respectful last rites by symbolically burning an idol made of wheat or rice flour. After performing this snake’s shraddha, the devotees take bath in Kushavartha. On the third day, the ashes of this snake are immersed followed by a holy dip in Kushavarta. After performing Ganesh Pujan and Punyahvachan, a gold snake is worshipped and given to the Upadhyay (priest). Then as resolved at the beginning of rituals, give dashdaan as per one’s capacity.

After praying at Trimbakeshwar, devotees perform tirtha shraddha of their late parents and give Brahman bhojan. Also perform lakhurudra or maharudra at the Trimbakeshwar.

  • Why to perform Narayan Nagbali Pooja?

    If anybody in the family gets diseased in premature or untimely manner the Narayan nagbali has to be performed. If after somebody's death the rituals are performed in a proper way or for 3 consecutive years somebody doesnot perform Pind dan or Shraddha then to get rid of the troubles caused due to this one has to perform Narayan Nagbali.

  • Importance of pooja....

    For Problems like Bhoot Pishach Badha, unsuccessful in Business, Waste of Money, Family health Problems, Argument with others, Educational hindrances, Marriage Problems, Accidental Death, Unnecessary expenses, Health problems in many family members, All kind of Curse (shrap). Narayan Nagbali is performed to get respite from various problems.

  • Who can perform Narayan Nagbali Pooja?

    A person whose Kunndali has this kind of Dosh is suppose to perform Naryan Nagbali. Both married and unmarried people can perform Naryan Nagbali. Only a single women cannot perform Tripindi Shraddha. Any man from a family can perform Naryan Nagbali.

  • Benifits of performing Narayan Nagbali Pooja

    By performing Narayan Nagbali one helps the known and unknown ancestors of past 7 generations to attain salvation. By this we get belssings of our ancestors. This pooja also helps in new child birth. The pooja also helps in good progress of the professional life. Usually a man does everything possible for his family but at times forgets to perform the rituals like Pind dan or Shraddha. This pooja helps the souls of our ancestors to attain salvation and hence the half done work by us is completed through this pooja. More than the Chaardhaam yaatra Pitruseva(service to the elders and ancestors) is more important. This is accomplished by performing Naryan nagbali. One who helps his ancestors to attain salvation, get salvation for himself after his death.

  • It gives good health, success in business and career

    It gives good health, success in business and career and fulfils wishes. It is a three day ritual on a particular day and time (muhurta). On the first day, the devotees should take a holy bath in Kushavarta and resolve to give dashdaan (give ten things in charity). After offering prayers at the Trimbakeshwar temple, they go to the dharmashala at the confluence of rivers Godavari and Ahilya for performing Narayan Nagbali.


    Narayan Nagbali Pooja is performed in 3 days
    Devotees should reach Trimbakeshwar by 6 p.m. one day before the Pooja date.
    Pooja duration - 2-3 hrs.


    Devotees should bathe in the Holy Kushawarta Kunda
    Devotees should observe fast on the day of Pooja
    According to the rituals and traditions gold idol of snake of 1gm is required for pooja and is to be donated to panditji after the pooja is done.


    For Men : Dhoti, Gamcha or Kurta Pajama
    For Women : Saree or Punjabi Dress.
    Black and green coloured clothes should be avoided for Pooja.
    After the pooja is finished the clothes are supposed to be left at trimbakeshwar only.


    Food and stay is available at good hotels in Trimbakeshwar
    Food and stay will be charged separately and is not included in Pooja fees.


    Reservation for this ritual must be made minimum 4 days in advance by informing us. Your name and telephone number is to be registered before coming for the rites. It is inevitable to make reservations to avail all the facilities. Reservations can be made through phone or mail

Shri Pramod Devkute


Those individuals who are interested in getting the Pooja
done, should get the time booked at least 15 days in advance.
For more details please read the Mahurat chart and register or send a mail to : info@kalsarptantra.com


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