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Pandit Pramod Bapurao Devkute (vaidya) at Trimbakeshwar.

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Narayan Nagbali At Trimbakeshwar

Narayan Nagbali consists of two different rituals. Narayan , Nag bali is performed for two reasons- to get rid of ancestral curse (Pitru dosh) and secondly,to get released from the sin commited by killing a snake, specially a Cobra,which is worshipped by Hindus mainly in India. trimbakeshwar-pooja This ancient tradition is mentioned in Skandh Puran and Padma Puran.Narayan Nag Bali is also performed to get rid of problems like-failures in all jobs,financial loss,Bhoot Pishach Badha,family health problems, educational hurdles, matrimonial problems,accidents,various curses and various other problems.

Narayan Bali(Pitru dosh) ritual is done to fulfill the unsatisfied desires of the ancestors souls which are attached to our world due to strong desires, suppressed within the soul even after the death.The soul trying to get rid of the problems,directly or indirectly trouble the family members.Hence we have to perform this ritual to give peace to the soul.

This consists of the same rituals as in the Hindu funeral. An artificial body,made of wheat flour is made.Then the mantras and rituals are performed to invoke the soul whose desires are attached.The ritual makes the soul to possess the body and the funeral frees the soul to the other world.

Narayanbali-Nagbali pooja is performed at Trimbakeshwar only. This pooja is performed in three days. This pooja needs a special dates to perform it. Some days are not suitable to perform pooja.

Only Narayan Nagbali stops and arrangements for food 2 people and extra 1 person of 500 rupees for 3 days

Pandit Pramod Bapurao Devkute (vaidya) at Trimbakeshwar.

Pandit Pramod Bapurao Devkute (vaidya) at Trimbakeshwar. for more details call us: +91 9850161593